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International Studies student gives back to his hometown

Student Achievements

Manuel Garcia | July 30, 2019

two men standing in front of mountains
Pablo Gomez Borrero (right) during his internship in his home country of Colombia

International Studies graduate student Pablo Gomez Borrero recently completed an internship in his native country of Colombia. 

“When I decided to join the International Studies program at Texas State University, I had one thing in mind: give back to Colombia, my home country. So, when the time came to choose a place to do my graduate internship, I decided to focus all my efforts on going back to Colombia for it.”

Borrero landed a position at the Fundacion Compartir, a Bogota-based foundation that focuses on improving the quality of education and bridging the gap between rural communities and urban centers. 

He credits the skills and mindset that he developed in his International Studies program with helping him find and establish strategic partnerships that will enable the foundation to advance programs, keeping a local focus with a global mentality.  

“My experience at Texas State has helped me to develop a more open-minded perspective, something that I lacked entering the program,” Borrero said. “It has allowed me to understand my current work environment, which has diverse values and standards, with a non-judgmental and proactive attitude.” 

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