New overpass design saves existing golf holes

Posted by University News Service

Oct. 26, 2011

A new design by the Texas Department of Transportation for a proposed railroad overpass on Aquarena Springs Drive means the Texas State University Golf Course layout will not need to change and, therefore, plans to develop two new golf holes have been eliminated. Plans for additional parking, a driving range and the pro shop have been deferred pending further study.

HDR Engineering, Texas Department of Transportation and the City of San Marcos recently released the new design to university officials. The new design saves 118 parking places in the Strahan Coliseum parking lot fronting Aquarena Springs Drive and no longer encroaches on the eighth and ninth holes of the University Golf Course.

“We believe the redesigned plan for the overpass is in the best interest of the university and the local community,” said Texas State President Denise Trauth.

As a result of the revised design for the overpass, the University is modifying its Campus Master Plan Update that goes to the Board of Regents in November. Two new golf holes, a new golf course pro shop, and additional parking for the proposed new pro shop are being deleted from the Campus Master Plan Update.  An addendum to the Update may be submitted to the Regents after final plans for the railroad overpass are complete. No parking garage had been proposed for the Aquarena Center property.