University Police announce bicycle round-up for 2011

Posted by Jayme Blaschke
University News Service
April 26, 2011

The Texas State University-San Marcos Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit will launch its annual bicycle round-up May 23.

During the bicycle round-up, all bicycles on campus that are not registered with UPD and are attached to railings, other objects or left in bicycle racks will be removed. UPD will not impound bicycles which are registered and are legally parked and locked. If a lock is present, it will be cut without compensation to the owner. Locking devices located and not attached to a bicycle will be removed as well.

All impounded bicycles will be stored for 120 days. Bicycles claimed will be registered with the department and released to their owners. Bicycles left unclaimed will be will be transferred to the office of Auxiliary Services for recycling according to university policy.

Bicycles may be registered free of charge online at To obtain additional information, please contact the UPD Crime Prevention Unit at (512) 245-2805.