Texas Pioneer Foundation renews support for Caminos Camp in 2008

Posted by Jayme Blaschke
University News Service
February 20, 2008

Thanks to a grant by the Texas Pioneer Foundation, the Caminos Pre-College Leadership Camp at Texas State University-San Marcos will host students from two San Marcos junior high schools this summer for a fifth consecutive year. 

The Caminos project is a six-week program sponsored by the Texas State College of Applied Arts. Seventy-five youth of promise from Miller and Goodnight middle schools were chosen by their teachers to participate in the program. They will have the opportunity to gain leadership skills and earn credits in algebra, English and technology. The Caminos project will also focus on leadership development, academic instruction and introducing the students to the college application process.

Jaime Chahin, dean of the College of Applied Arts, said it was important for these students to have the opportunity to experience college life on campus and to develop the discipline to be on-time, on-task and to develop networks.

“This gives them the taste of the college experience-the academic and leadership challenges that are out there. The students are more focused on what it takes to get a college education,” he said. “These students want to learn, especially the new immigrant students who now constitute a critical mass of the new students in Central Texas and in San Marcos. We also visit with the parents so they can understand the program’s expectations and support their children.”

Texas State provides room and board, field trips and on-off campus transportation for students. Chahin said he hopes to continue the Caminos camp as long as funding is available.

“Our goal is to continue the program and expand our partnership with the San Marcos school district,” he said.

For more information, contact Chahin at (512) 245-3333 or tc03@txstate.edu.