Texas Recycles Day observed at Texas State

By Philip Hadley
University News Service
November 13, 2007

Texas Recycles Day, a statewide campaign that aims to educate Texans on the environmental and economic benefits of recycling, will be observed in the Quad at Texas State University-San Marcos from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Nov. 15.

The National Association of Environmental Professionals will have a booth set up with information available on recycling.

“Our main focus is trying to divert huge amounts of waste to recycling centers instead of landfills that fill up quickly,” said Matt Akins, nutrition and foods senior from Austin, and NAEP co-president. “We will also have information about what can and cannot be recycled.”

The Texas State recycling program encourages everyone to make an effort to recycle, especially on this day. There are indoor and outdoor recycling receptacles for plastics and aluminum throughout campus. Paper bins are located indoors and in most buildings. Akins said the booth would also teach proper recycling methods.

“Recycling means there is less energy being used to create new plastics and paper,” Akins said. “Not recycling properly costs Texas State money. When someone puts trash in a bin meant for recycling paper someone has to be paid to sort through it. We want to educate people so that this does not continue to happen.”  

Visit the Texas Recycles Day Web site at www.texasrecyclesday.org for a list of recycling events throughout Texas.

For questions concerning recycling or if a container is in need of service contact Mario Garza, coordinator of recycling and waste management, at (512) 245-7733 or e-mail MG18@txstate.edu.