Texas State twirler performs outside assisted-living facility in Tyler

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Maria Gomez | March 27, 2020

woman performing with bobcat marching band

Kaylee Williams, a sophomore majoring in computer science and a featured twirler for the Bobcat Marching Band, recently performed for residents in the Atria Copeland assisted-living facility in Tyler.

Since residents of the facility are elderly and therefore more at-risk from the spread of Coronavirus, she donned her uniform and kept a safe distance, performing outside on the lawn of the facility where residents could watch from their windows.

“I have a passion for helping others, and I thought performing for senior residents who do not have the ability to leave during this time would be a great way to uplift their spirits,” said Williams.

Williams has been part of the Bobcat Marching Band for two years and feels a great sense of pride for her organization and her university. She was inspired to perform for these residents because she wants to show what it really means to be a Bobcat.

“Being a Bobcat to me is turning any situation into something to impact others. My position in the Bobcat Marching Band is to bring joy and create an experience for people. I think it is important for students to use their abilities during this time to show people what Texas State strives for,” said Williams.

Like many college students amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, Williams is facing uncertainty in her future coursework, extra-curricular activities, and living situation, but she urges Bobcats to spread positivity.

“For my fellow Bobcats, I would tell them to stay optimistic by looking at this situation as a way to focus on something you haven’t had the time to, or to make a change in your life for the better! Also, if you can do so safely, I recommend going into your town and share something positive to uplift others during this time,” said Williams.

The Executive Director of Atria Copeland, Sharon Brown, offered Williams the chance to perform, and the enthusiastic Bobcat plans to return for additional performances in the future, if the evolving Coronavirus situation allows.

"A college twirler is using her talents to spread joy at Tyler assisted-living facility"

East Texas Now interviewed Kaylee Williams outside the senior housing facility where she performed, March 25.

screenshot of video interview with williams

kaylee williams performing
Williams has been practicing twirling for a total of eight years.

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