Texas State grad student goes solar for SolarSno Shaved Ice

Student Achievements

Manuel Garcia | March 6, 2020

myers next to snowball truck
Thomas Myers

Thomas Myers, a Texas State University graduate student in the Sustainability Studies Program and United States Marine Corps veteran, will present his business, SolarSno Shaved Ice, at this year’s TXST Innovation Lab.

Myers is CEO and founder of SolarSno, a series of fully solar/battery powered food trucks located throughout Central Texas.

A 2009 graduate in exercises sports science, Myers served in Afghanistan as a logistics officer in the Marine Corps. After observing the impact of solar energy during the support of combat operations, Myers came back to the states and was eager to apply those same principals to the world of food trucks that he had previously owned and operated during his undergraduate years at Texas State. Three years after leaving the Marine Corps, Myers established SolarSno with three food trucks powered by the sun that incorporated compostable materials to strive towards environmentally responsible business practices.

snowball truck

Entering the fourth year in operation, Myers’ goal is to explore off-grid applications and pivot into manufacturing solar/battery-powered food trucks, including conversion kits for food trucks. 

“Switching to solar allows food trailers unlock the potential of real estate and mobility not possible to other food trucks while using clean energy,” Myers said.

Myers will have the opportunity this spring break to pitch his profitable business and innovative idea at this year’s 2020 TXST Innovation Lab. With hundreds in attendance, Myers said he hoped to land funding and support from participants. Myers credited Janet Hale, senior lecturer at McCoy College of Business, and the Net Impact student group at Texas State, as instrumental to his success. 

“Hale’s impact goes beyond Texas State and extends to life balance as well,” Myers said. “She has helped me prioritize, focus, and execute amongst the numerous opportunities of my program. She coached me to strike a balance between my class, work schedule and the programs that would provide the most value like Innovation Lab.” 

For more information on SolarSno, visit www.instagram.com/solarsno/ or www.facebook.com/SolarSno/.

For more information, contact University Communications:

Jayme Blaschke, 512-245-2555

Sandy Pantlik, 512-245-2922