5 Texas State students awarded CLS Cardinal Healthcare Scholarships

Student Achievements 

Jayme Blaschke | Aprill 16, 2020

Five Texas State University clinical laboratory science students, Ismael Hinojosa, Sumayya Lnu, Bella Nguyen, Anahie Segura and Teagan Settle, have been awarded Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) Cardinal Healthcare Scholarships.

The five were selected from among Texas State CLS students who maintain a 3.0 GPA and are active in professional service.

"Each student demonstrated excellence and we wish them luck as they progress through Texas State's rigorous program," said Rodney Rohde, chair of the CLS program. "As a three-time Texas State alumnus, I look forward to their continued progress in our program and their future professional journey in the medical laboratory." 

The scholarship was established following awards received by Rohde and CLS professional Jennifer Dawson. Both were given the urEssential Award by Cardinal Health, in 2015 and 2017 respectively. Dawson, who had worked previously with Texas State students in a laboratory setting, requested the funds from her award be used in combination with Rohde's to establish the endowed scholarship in perpetuity.

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