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Graduate students are conducting research on multiracial students at Texas State

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Maria Gomez | November 06, 2019

Texas State faculty and graduate students take a group photo
From left to right: Dr. Shannon Rae Dean-Scott, Alicia Stites, Mohammad Khan

Graduate students Alicia Stites and Mohammad Khan are conducting research on multiracial and biracial students at Texas State University. The purpose of the study is to understand the experiences and environment that help biracial and multiracial students better understand their multiple racial identities.

The idea for the research topic came from a Research Methods class taught by Dr. Shannon Rae Dean-Scott, assistant professor in the Department of Counseling. Khan and Stites shared an interest in researching identity and leadership development. Stites said the research topic had a personal connection. 

“As a bi-racial student, I want to learn more about students with a similar identity and I figured it would be a great chance to explore,” said Stites. “Biracial and multiracial people are a rapidly growing population in the United States, resulting in more and more college students reflecting those identities.”

According to Khan, there was limited research on this topic. He believed it was important to recognize these groups of students who had a history of being marginalized. 

“Biracial and multiracial student populations are a growing demographic at Texas State. Often, we do not think of these identities in terms of the systems of oppression that have historically impacted these populations,” said Khan. “As a community committed to the appreciation of diversity on our campus, it is important to consider these populations as part of the conversation.”

The study is currently in the data collection process where they are interviewing students that meet the requirements of the study. They hope to have this stage completed by the end of the semester.

For more information, contact University Communications:

Jayme Blaschke, 512-245-2555

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