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August 29, 2019

Excerpt from President Denise M. Trauth’s 2019 Fall Convocation address: Celebrating Discovery, Diversity and Distinction

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President Denise Trauth enumerated the research accomplishments, awards and expertise of Texas State University faculty and graduate students during her 2019 Fall Convocation address on August 20, 2019 to faculty and staff. Below is an excerpt from that speech regarding the impact of Texas State research activity.         


On any given day, faculty at Texas State are working to find solutions to some of society’s greatest challenges, armed with the support of major federal, state, and private sponsors, and fueled by interdisciplinary collaboration. In the past year, Texas State received research and instructional awards that totaled more than $42 million. You – our faculty and staff – have leveraged your expertise and creativity to uncover game-changing new knowledge in your fields. In the process, you have elevated Texas State’s reputation for excellence, and research with relevance.

It’s no exaggeration to say, Texas State research has the power to save lives:

Our research also brings critical health and social services to people in need:

  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture funded a project to share mental health resources with farmers in remote locations to reduce alarmingly high suicide rates among farmers
  • And, the state awarded our faculty a grant to use technology to better connect low-income mothers to nutrition programs and social services available to them and their children. 
  • This summer, our Department of Communication Disorders received a grant from the Parkinson Voice Project to help people with Parkinson’s disease receive quality speech treatment through our Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic at the Round Rock Campus.
  • The department also received funds from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association to explore speech therapy methods that best serve bilingual children.

Your research also helps prepare humanity for an uncertain future:

  • The Office of Naval Research funded a Texas State study to examine materials that could be used to develop innovative new power supplies
  • And, the U.S. Department of Agriculture renewed funding for our program that grows hydroponic crops in soil-free shipping containers powered by renewable energy. 
  • Toyota awarded a grant to researchers from our McCoy College of Business Administration, in partnership with the Ingram School of Engineering, to develop a computer simulation program that connects workers to smart material handling systems. 

Your expertise has the power to revolutionize our nation’s schools and classroom instruction:

Our faculty research has the power to unlock the hidden mechanics and building blocks of life itself:

Your research helps society better conserve and understand our environment:

  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has repeatedly engaged with Texas State to provide archaeological surveys, cultural resources support, and clean water initiatives at military bases nationwide. 
  • The National Science Foundation awarded Texas State a grant to lead an archaeological project in Peru, exploring the cyclic rise and fall of complex societies. This milestone in our research, among many more to mention, exemplifies Texas State’s commitment to research and expression. These achievements, among other research projects, moves us toward access to the Texas National Research University Fund.

To view the President’s full convocation speech, click here.


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