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Texas State University

Big Ideas TXST Podcast

Big Ideas TXST goes inside the fascinating minds forging innovation, research and creativity at Texas State University and beyond. Hosted by Daniel Seed, episodes showcase the thought leaders, breakthroughs and creative expression making the world a better place, one BIG idea at a time. Produced by University Advancement at Texas State.

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About Host Daniel Seed
Daniel Seed is a lecturer in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Texas State University, specializing in electronic media. Prior to coming to Texas State, he worked as a news reporter and anchor, sports director and sports anchor during a career that began at WHDH-TV in Boston and continued at stations in Oklahoma and Texas. He is three-time winner of the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters Outstanding Achievement in Broadcasting Award for best sportscast (non-metro category) and a winner of the OAB’s Outstanding Achievement in Broadcasting Awards for Spot News and General News.

Recent Episodes

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Episode 1: Virtual Reality with Pete Blair

Dr. Pete Blair, director of the Advance Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Center, sits down with Big Ideas TXST to discuss how cutting-edge augmented- and virtual reality training will impact law enforcement, first responders and public safety.

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Episode 2: Materials with Intelligence with Eddie Piner

Dr. Eddie Piner, a professor in the Materials Science, Engineering and Commercialization Program, discusses materials with intelligence that hold the potential to transform infrastructure and make sense of the massive amounts of data generated by modern society. 

Rohde with Dan Seed

Episode 3: Novel Coronavirus Part 1 with Rodney Rohde

In the first installment of a two-part interview, Dr. Rodney Rohde, a professor in the College of Health Professions and chair of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program, discusses the novel coronavirus causing the global COVID-19 pandemic, stripping away some of the mystery from a disease that has led to the cancellation of SXSW, suspension of the NBA season and school closures across the country. 

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Episode 4: Novel Coronavirus, Part 2 with Rodney Rohde

In the second installment of a two-part interview, Dr. Rodney Rohde, a professor in the College of Health Professions and chair of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program, discusses how the understanding of the novel coronavirus has changed since it first came to global attention in January, the urgency of widespread testing and the importance of ensuring proper medical supplies and equipment are readily available to medical providers.

Devine and Currit talking into microphones

Episode 5: Narco Deforestation with Jennifer Devine and Nathan Currit

Dr. Jennifer Devine, an assistant professor in the Department of Geography, and Dr. Nate Currit, associate professor and director of the Texas Center for Geographic Information Science, discusses the staggering environmental destruction and human suffering being wrought in Central America by narcotics traffickers clearcutting huge swaths of rainforest to establish cattle ranches to launder drug money.  


Episode 6: Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Shannon Weigum

Dr. Shannon Weigum, an associate professor in the Department of Biology and head of the Weigum Research Group at Texas State University, sits down with BIG IDEAS to talk about the recently-established Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, discussing the environment and mindset necessary to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration. 

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Episode 7: Commuting in the time of COVID with Melinda Villagran

Dr. Melinda Villagran, a professor in the Department of Communication Studies and director of the Translational Health Research Initiative at Texas State, discusses the fascinating results of a research study she conducted with Movability to survey the impact of daily work commuting in the Austin area. The research overlapped with teleworking initiatives implemented by many employers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and yielded fascinating—and in some instances, unexpected—findings.   

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Episode 8: Black and Latino Playwrights Celebration with Eugene Lee

Eugene Lee, Artist in Residence in the Department of Theatre and Dance and director of the Black and Latino Playwrights Celebration at Texas State, discusses why the annual workshop remains an important outlet for marginalized voices in its 18th year. Lee also discusses his career, his evolution as a performer and mentor, and how the BLPC can contribute to healing the unrest and strife afflicting U.S. society today.

bat in a human hand

Episode 9: White-nose syndrome in bats with Sarah Fritts, Ivan Castro-Arellano and Sara Weaver

Dr. Sarah Fritts, Dr. Ivan Castro-Arellano and Dr. Sara Weaver discusses the threat white-nose syndrome poses for native bats in Texas and the damaging environmental and ecological consequences that could unfold if the disease continues to spread unchecked.

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Episode 10: COVID revisited with Rodney Rohde

Now, more than eight months later, Dr. Rohde returns to the podcast to discuss how much the world medical community didn't know back then, how much more is known about the virus now, the staggering death toll in the U.S. and the prospects of navigating the looming third spike of the virus this winter.  

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