Safe at Home service learning program reduces risk of falls, injury for elderly, disabled

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Jayme Blaschke | February 12, 2020

5 students standing on wooden wheelchair ramp

For nearly two decades, elderly and disabled individuals in the San Marcos area have benefitted from the Safe at Home (SAH) program from Texas State University.

SAH, overseen by Oren Renick, a professor in the School of Health Administration, is an intergenerational service learning program that addresses the risk of injury and death from falls in the home. 

A major facet of the program is building a no-cost wheelchair ramp each semester for an area resident. Ramps are erected by students under the supervision of a local building contractor. SAH students conduct safety checks of individuals’ homes to identify and correct potential trip and fall hazards. Services may also include help with home improvements or repairs to avert risks of injury and promote safety.

SAH is a part of the Mutual Adoption Pact (MAP) program at Texas State. MAP is a relationship-building program between community elders and Texas State students. It builds mutual benefit and enduring relationships between the generations. These two programs have been joined by a third program, MAP Med-Rides. It represents the first non-emergency medical transportation program begun at an institution of higher education. All three programs are part of the Service Learning Excellence Program at Texas State.

The St. David's Foundation, McCoy's Building Supply and Shepherd's Centers of America are program collaborators.

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