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Comm Studies' Ann Burnette named 24th Piper Professor at Texas State

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Jayme Blaschke | May 1, 2020

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Ann Burnette, Communication Studies at Texas State University, named Piper Professor for 2020 by Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation.

Ann Burnette, Communication Studies at Texas State University, has been named Piper Professor for 2020 by the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation.

Burnette was named Piper Professor on May 1 in honor of her dedication and service to teaching at the collegiate level. Piper Foundation honorees are chosen by committee members who look for well-rounded, outgoing teachers, devoted to their profession who have made a special impact on their students and the community.

“I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with students who give me the opportunity to think about the ways that communication affects every aspect of our lives,” Burnette said. “It’s a privilege to explore with students the ways that communication affects our reality. 

“I started teaching at Texas State in 1991 as a lecturer. It’s been such a great experience for me to be at this institution for so long and to work with undergraduate and graduate students,” she said. “Because I teach political communication, one of the things that inspires me about Texas State is its association with Lyndon Johnson. I try to remind my students he was someone who used the power of his voice and the power of his advocacy to try to make people’s lives better, and in particular, students’ lives better.”  

Burnette serves as a graduate thesis supervisor, graduate thesis committee member, graduate exit (non-thesis) project supervisor and graduate exit (non-thesis) committee member, where she has directed seven M.A. theses, been a committee member for 17 M.A. theses and served on a total of 74 exit committees. She led the creation of the teaching effectiveness committee in the Department of Communication Studies, where she serves as chair. 

Burnette co-founded the Texas State chapter of Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Honor Society, which promotes the intellectual development and service contributions of communication students. She has been an active member in the National Communication Association since 1987, and an active member in the Southern States Communication Association since 1991.  

Burnette is a past chair of the Rhetoric and Public Address Division of the Southern States Communication Association and is also active in the National Communication Association. Outside of class, Dr. Burnette helps students with their communication skills by helping them present and publish their research and by judging public speaking events.

Burnette adds her Piper Professor designation to a list of prestigious accolades including the Everette Swinney Faculty Senate Excellence in Teaching Award in 2019 and 2020, Southern States Communication Association John I. Sisco Excellence in Teaching Award in 2016, Texas State Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2015, Southern States Communication Association James Madison Prize for Outstanding Research in First Amendment Studies in 2014, Texas State Alumni Association Teaching Award of Honor in 2013, Texas State College of Fine Arts and Communication Presidential Distinction Award eight times, Texas State College Achievement Award for Teaching 11 times and Communication Studies Golden Apple Award for outstanding teaching four times. 

Burnette is the 24th overall Texas State professor to be named a Piper Professor. Other Texas State Piper Professors have been Emmie Craddock, 1962, history; Robert Galvan, 1968, modern languages; Thomas Brasher, 1970, English; Dan Farlow, 1975, political science; Clarence Schultz, 1976, sociology; Henrietta Avent, 1979, health and physical education; Robert Walts, 1982, English; Beverly Chiodo, 1988, computer information systems and administrative sciences; Barbara Hatcher, 1993, curriculum and instruction; Michael John Hennessy, 2001, English; Nancy Fehl Chavkin, 2002, social work; Paul Nathan Cohen, 2003, English; James David Bell, 2004, business; Byron Dale Augustin, 2005, geography; Christopher Frost, 2006, psychology; James Housefield, 2007, art history; Brock Brown, 2008, geography; Max Warshauer, 2010, mathematics; Steven Furney, 2012, health and human performance; Kenneth Margerison, 2013, history; Vedaraman Sriraman, 2015, engineering technology; Debra Feakes, 2016, chemistry; and Steven Beebe, 2018, communication studies.

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