President's Corner

President Denise M. Trauth | April 12, 2019

President Denise M. Trauth

Earlier this week a resolution was heard by the Texas State University Student Government to ban the student organization Turning Point USA from Texas State.  The senators that presented the resolution had every right to do so, just as the students who spoke up against the resolution had the right to voice their opinions and opposition.  This debate by Student Government was protected speech as guaranteed by the freedom of expression clause of the First Amendment.  Student Government senators passed the resolution by one vote following several hours of public comment and discourse.  As a student organization the Student Government has a Constitutionally protected right to debate this issue. However, Student Government does not have the power to ban a student organization. Texas State has a policy that prevents a student organization from being banned unless it faces disciplinary sanctions.  There are no disciplinary sanctions against Turning Point USA, and, therefore, Turning Point USA will not be banned from Texas State University.

We have more than 400 student organizations at the university that contribute greatly to the student experience.  These organizations represent a wide variety of political viewpoints and it is the Constitutionally protected right of the members of those organizations to share their views.

Texas State will continue to be a place where the voice and ideas of each member of our community can be expressed.  We insist that students, faculty, and staff treat one another with dignity and respect in this endeavor.  Even as our ideologies may differ, we are all members of the Bobcat family and share a set of core values including ones enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.