Foundations announce support for Mathworks Algebra Program

Posted by Jayme Blaschke
University News Service
October 15, 2013

Ongoing research related to, and development of, the Mathworks Algebra Program (MAP) at Texas State University has received a boost thanks to gifts from the KDK-Harman and Sid W. Richardson Foundations.

The foundations have each donated $36,000 to the Mathworks center at Texas State in support of MAP. This is the second year of funding by these foundations for MAP, a model based on research and tested in the classrooms that is designed to improve mathematics achievement for young students of all backgrounds.

MAP is expected to impact close to 500 students this school year and coming summer. The research regarding and development of model math education programs will provide opportunities to middle school students in Texas. At the same time, the project enhances Texas State's reputation as an institution dedicated to research-based initiatives that improve mathematics achievement for K-12 students.

MAP will address three key needs: 1) the need to increase algebra readiness among young students, 2) the need for better-prepared math teachers, and 3) the need for effective math curricula and instruction. While the model is being developed and tested, Texas State math faculty and graduate students will be conducting research into the components that make for effective math education.

In addition to research into mathematics education, the project will also engage the entire education pipeline. This includes opportunities for young students to attend the annual Mathworks Junior Summer Math Camps. Texas State undergraduates and graduate students will be recruited to be Teaching Assistants in the aforementioned summer math programs. University math faculty will be conducting research into and developing formalized teacher training programs and a "math camp in a box" kit for schools to implement their own math camps during the summer or school year.

For more information, contact Mathworks at (512) 245-3626 or email