Clinical Laboratory Science Program presents 'Forensic Entomology'

By Daniel Palomo III
University News Service
October 11, 2013

Aaron Tarone and Jeff Tomberlin, associate professors in the department of entomology at Texas A&M University, will deliver a presentation entitled, ”Forensic Entomology at Texas State: What The Insects Are Telling Us.”

It will be held Nov. 8 in room 3-1.4 of the LBJ Student Center from 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Tarone and Tomberlin perform forensic work using Texas State’s lab facilities, Forensic Anthropology Center and student researchers. This collaborative work represents a partnership between Texas State and Texas A&M that has been beneficial to students in clinical laboratory science, said Rodney E. Rohde, professor and chair of the clinical laboratory science program at Texas State. It gives students an opportunity to work in the forensic fields they see on television in shows such as “CSI” and “Law and Order.”

“They used bodies from the (Forensic Anthropology Center) here at Texas State to determine decomposition rates based on entomology, the behavior of insects,” Rohde said. “This is a very interesting topic for our students.”

Their presentation will have various examples of their casework related to assisting law enforcement with insect evidence on decomposing human remains. It will include scientific information about their research but will also be broad enough for the layperson.

The event is sponsored by the College of Health Professions and Clinical Laboratory Science, Office of the Associate Vice President for Research and Federal Relations.

For more information, contact the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at (512) 245-3500.