Distinguished alumna publishes graphic novel for prison inmates

By Colin Ashby
University News Service
May 31, 2013

Prison Grievances

Terri LeClercq, Texas State University Distinguished Alumna, has written an illustrated graphic novel for Texas prison inmates to use as a guide in writing legal documents and protecting their rights.

LeClercq’s book Prison Grievances: When to Write, How to Write serves as a manual for inmates to use to write grievances. The book teaches inmates on how to write correct formal complaints (grievances) and court requests that abide by the rules of the Federal Prison Litigation Reform Act. The book, accommodating to the average reading level of an inmate, is written at a 5th grade level vocabulary so inmates can understand the writing.

The main character of the book, Mr. Dibs, is a pro bono lawyer who teaches classes to inmates on their rights while in prison. LaClercq worked on the book for 10 years. She said she hopes the book will minimize misinformed and incorrect filings that appear in court. She said her motivation is for the book to be adopted by Texas Justice System and to be used as an aide for inmates in federal and state prisons.

LeClercq earned her BA in English from Texas State in 1968, and her master's in English in 1970. In 1996 the university named her a Distinguished Alumna.

To learn more about the book, visit www.prisongrievances.com.