University Police launch annual campus-wide bicycle roundup

By Colin Ashby
University News Service
May 22, 2013

The Texas State University Police Department will be conducting its annual bicycle round-up as part of its RIDE program beginning May 20.

Through the program any bike not registered with the UPD will be impounded. Any bicycles attached to any university railings or signage will be removed. If a lock is present, it will be cut without compensation to the owner. All impounded bicycles will be stored for a minimum of 120 days at the University Police Department. Proof of ownership will be required to retrieve an impounded bike. Bicycles left unclaimed will be processed according to university policy.

"Register, IDentify, Educate" is a program created in an effort to help beautify the university community by removing abandoned bicycles from campus.

Riders can register their bicycles free of charge either online at the UPD website or in-person in the Nueces Building.

To obtain additional information about the program or registering, contact the UPD's Crime Prevention Unit at (512) 245-8341.