Jovita Ross-Gordon honored with 2013 Career Achievement Award

By Andrew Smith
University News Service
December 5, 2013

Jovita Ross-Gordon

Jovita Ross-Gordon

Texas State University professor Jovita Ross-Gordon was selected by the American Association of Adult and Continuing Education to receive the 2013 Career Achievement Award in November for her many scholarly contributions in the field of adult education.

Ross-Gordon is a professor of graduate programs in Adult Professional and Community Education at Texas State. Her accomplished career is built upon 28 years of academic research and her work has advanced the understanding of adult learners in higher education and the importance of diversity in learning institutions. She has actively contributed to nearly 80 publications, including textbooks, journals and conference-related readings.

Winners of the prestigious Career Achievement Award are selected once every three years and are recognized as scholarly individuals who have progressed knowledge and improved practices in education for at least 7-10 years.

Ross-Gordon suggested that students interested in long and successful careers remain patient and open to new academic experiences.

“If you aren’t yet sure ‘what you want to do when you grow up,’ keep searching until you find your true calling. And remember that you are never too old to learn,” she said.

Ross-Gordon’s achievement reflects the influence of professors and teachers in establishing Texas State as highly-respected research university.