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Texas State University

Center for P-16 Initiatives, GenTX, launch 'Rock Your Future!'

Posted by Jayme Blaschke
University News Service
September 26, 2012

The Center for P-16 Initiatives at Texas State University-San Marcos and Generation Texas have launched the fall promotion, Rock Your Future! a higher education initiative aimed at informing incoming Central Texas high school freshman that their post-secondary preparation begins now.

Generation Texas is a statewide, grassroots movement with a goal of creating a culture of college and career readiness. The Central Texas council is hosted in the Center for P-16 Initiatives.

“We want to ensure that education is the top priority for every Texan,” said Isaac Torres, grant specialist at the center. “We believe in building communities that support their students’ pursuit of college and career education, in which every student is on the path to higher education.”

The Rock Your Future! fall promotion is focused on getting students, especially incoming high school freshmen, thinking about their future and next steps toward college and career readiness. The center will administer workshops at many high school campuses and community-based organizations throughout Central Texas. The workshops will train freshmen to focus on five main areas of academia: the college application process, the importance of test scores and GPA, visiting college campuses, finding a good mentor and establishing a well-rounded résumé.

“Our center is passionate about promoting higher education in the community,” said Michelle Hamilton, director of the center. “The earlier that our children prepare to be successful college students and graduates, the more enriched we all become.”

The Rock Your Future! workshops are not limited to incoming freshmen, and the Center for P-16 Initiatives still has some dates available in October and November for schools and organizations seeking to inspire and inform young people about their academic future.

For more information, contact the Center for P-16 Initiatives at (512) 245-8192 or visit