Women’s club team readies for national intramural championships

By Jessica Sinn
University News Service
November 13, 2007

The Texas State University-San Marcos women’s intramural soccer team is set to compete in the annual National Intramural Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) Sport Club Championships Nov. 15-17 in Pensacola, Fla. 

Thirteen players will compete in the Open Division at the Brosnaham Sport Complex and the University of West Florida Recreational Sports Fields. 

Marissa Harold, team vice president, said with a new coach and a driven team, the Bobcats are prepared to win the nationals. 

“This is my first time going to the nationals, so I’m very excited,” said Harold, of Fort Worth.  “We’ve come a long way this season and we have a really good coach.  He gets us there mentally before the games and pushes us hard during practice and it comes out in our performance.” 

Harold, a Texas State mass communications sophomore, said the team will have to compete with a few less players because the NIRSA only allows three former collegiate athletes to compete in the national championships.  Despite this setback, Harold said the team stands a good chance at winning the open championship title.     

“We balance each other out,” Harold said.  “We do team building activities at practice to get a connection and it shows on the field.”

Head Coach David Archer began his career coaching the team last August.  Within the few short months of coaching the team, he said the athletes have come a long way in their training.   

“In the past, there has been a struggle,” Archer said.  “Now they’re determined to make an impact.  “Based on our roster, we do have a strong team.  We have as good a chance as anyone else to come home with the open national title.” 

Archer, of Killeen, said the team is slightly hindered because the entire team will not get a chance to compete, due to injuries and NIRSA regulations. Despite these obstacles, he said the athletes have a high level of focus and are determined to make their mark.

“As a coach, I want them to succeed practically as a team,” Archer said.  “We would love to come back with some artwork to put in the case.  My goal is to help them prepare, especially the underclassmen, to get comfortable with the intensity level and the pace of the game so we can continue to progress as a club.  And I think we’re on our way to meeting that goal.” 

For more information about the women’s intramural soccer team, visit www.campusrecreation.txstate.edu/programs/sport-clubs/club-pages/Womens-Soccer.html or call (512) 245-2392.

For more information about the NIRSA Collegiate Soccer Sport Club Championships, visit http://www.nirsa.org/sports/soccer/sport_club/2007/Default.aspx.