Math professor lands grant for summer girls’ camp scholarships

By Maria R. Gonzalez
University News Service
April 13, 2007

The Mathematical Association of America and Tensor Foundation Program has awarded Texas State University-San Marcos mathematics professor Alejandra Sorto a grant to provide scholarships for girls to participate in the Texas Mathworks Junior Summer Math Camp.

The purpose of the MAA and Tensor Foundation Program is to promote women’s participation in mathematics in order to increase their number in math or math-related careers. The Mathworks camp at Texas State is currently receiving applications for the MAA/Tensor scholarships for middle school girls with desire to attend but who are in need of financial aid.  Sorto, program coordinator and assistant professor, said the idea of starting a girls’ math camp within the Mathworks camps is to provide middle school girls with a different approach to learning math.

“They don’t have to be good at math to apply for the scholarship. The program is not about teaching them more math or harder math but it’s about teaching them math differently,” she said. “This is for girls who have not had the opportunity to attend a camp and learn math in a more exciting way. We hope that by attending they will be more interested in math and possibly make a career of it or go into more science, math or technological careers.”

Sorto said the girls’ summer camp, in conjunction with the Mathworks camp, provides a relaxed environment where students can learn math in a practical and “fun” manner.

 Students who wish to apply must submit an application and personal statement by April 30. For more information on the MAA/Tensor scholarship application process, contact Alejandra Sorto at (512) 245-4722 or at

For information on the Texas Mathworks Junior Summer Math Camp, contact Texas Mathworks at (512) 245-3439 or at