Peter Collett to discuss “Body Language of Politics” at Texas State

Date of Release: 10/11/2006

SAN MARCOS —Peter Collett, former Oxford professor and internationally known expert in communication and body language, will present a free public lecture titled “The Body Language of Politics: What Our Leaders Are Really Communicating” on Monday, Oct. 23 at 11 a.m. in Evans Auditorium on the Texas State University-San Marcos campus.

During his speech Collett will help audience members decode the hidden meaning of politicians’ messages about power and deception, drawing upon his extensive research and consulting experience. On the surface, politics seems to be about principles and policies, but Collett demonstrates that political communication is often about communicating persuasive messages of power and authority.

The symposium explores the communication tricks that politicians use to convince us that they have the necessary qualities to lead. Steven Beebe, chair of the Texas State Department of Communication Studies, who has heard Collett lecture at Oxford said, “He’s a brilliant lecturer who helps reveal what our leaders really think about their political opponents, their colleagues, and their constituents.”

Collett is the author of numerous books on communication and social psychology. He is also a British TV personality who made headlines both as the psychologist on British television’s “Big Brother” and for his analysis concerning the body language of world leaders in a series of programming broadcast in the United Kingdom.

The lecture is sponsored by the Texas State University Lecture Series, the Department of Communication Studies and the Reed Parr Endowment. For more information, please contact Steven Beebe at or 245-2165.