Interdisciplinary symposium examines “The Passion of the Christ”

Date released: 02/27/04

*** Note Change of Venue ***

SAN MARCOS – Texas State University-San Marcos will host a distinguished panel of scholars in religion, psychology and film examining Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 9, in the Alkek Teaching Theater Centennial Hall Teaching Theater (Room 157).

The interdisciplinary symposium will address a number of issues concerning the film: Is this film consistent with the findings of the best recent scholarship in Christianity? Does it accurately portray what we know of the life and character of Jesus, the causes and circumstances of his execution? Is this film a provocation to anti-Semitism? Does the film itself communicate anti-Semitic sentiment? Does it subject its audience to such savage and unrelenting violence as to anesthetize us to any possible impact? In the final analysis, does it or does it not make a positive contribution to our understanding and appreciation of the central figure of the Christian faith? Religious and psychological issues aside, just what are its merits and shortcomings as a work of cinematic art?

Panelists will be Rebecca Bell-Metereau, Ph.D., English, Texas State; Maxine Cohen, Director of the Holocaust Museum, San Antonio; Chris Frost, Ph.D., Psychology, Texas State; Father George Montague, St. Mary’s University; Rev. Randall Price, Pastor of Grace Bible Church; and Rebecca Raphael, Ph.D., Religious Studies, Texas State. Moderator will be Jeffrey Gordon, Ph.D., Philosophy, Texas State.