SWT business professor authors ethics book

Date of release: 10/03/02

SAN MARCOS, TEXAS — A Southwest Texas State University business professor is the lead author on a new book examining the role and responsibilities of business in society.

Debbie Thorne McAlister, chair and associate professor of marketing in the College of Business Administration, is co-author of Business and Society: A Strategic Approach to Corporate Citizenship, recently published by Houghton Mifflin. Co-authors are OC Ferrell, Colorado State University and Linda Ferrell, University of Wyoming.

Corporate citizenship includes company values, responsibilities, actions, and outcomes that affect employees, investors, business partners, customers, communities, and other stakeholders. Current topics such as corporate governance, business ethics, environmental protection, privacy, diversity, and volunteerism are the domain of corporate citizenship.

A recent spike in media attention and decline in the confidence of some securities analysts, accounting firms, and corporations point to a need for both businesspeople and students to anticipate situations and pressures they will face on the job. Business colleges are reacting to concerns about business integrity and the need for students to know more about responsible decision making to be successful.

The book includes proprietary and innovative learning tools, called behavioral simulations, which creatively mirror business decision-making. These simulations reflect the authors' personal commitment to teaching excellence.

"Our text is highly practical and explores organizational best practices to improve corporate citizenship," said McAlister. "We believe it is the most up-to-date, teachable text to help students - who are our future leaders - navigate the challenges and opportunities for responsible business decisions. Businesspeople have also found the book informative and important to their work."

Before joining SWT, McAlister was on the business faculty at Mississippi State University and The University of Tampa. While in Tampa, she directed the Center for Ethics. She has been a frequent contributor to journals on corporate citizenship topics and is a leader in national professional organizations. McAlister has been a visiting scholar at universities in Thailand, Canada, Mexico and Austria and serves on the board of directors of the Direct Selling Education Foundation and e-businessethics.com. She joined the SWT faculty in 2001 and is a native of San Marcos, TX.

For more information on Business and Society or to interview McAlister, please call the SWT College of Business at (512) 245- 7428 or Lisa Cruz, public information specialist at 512-245-2810.