East Chill Plant renovation to begin soon

Date of release: 06/02/00

SAN MARCOS, TEXAS — Construction on the total replacement of the East Chill Plant equipment will begin shortly. This project will increase the chilled-water capacity available to the eastern portion of the Southwest Texas State University campus by replacing old equipment, some of which has ceased to function and other equipment which is near the end of its serviceable life.

The project will take approximately 18 months to construct and will require that the west half of the north J C Kellam parking be closed to accommodate the construction efforts of the contractor.

The contractor will be required to replace all existing chillers, pumps, piping, electrical switch gear, wiring and to cut new doors into the parking lot side walls of the building through which the new chillers will be installed and serviced in the future.

The loss of parking spaces is necessary for the contractor to be able to deliver and install equipment successfully.