SWT officials reject hate message sent to campus

Date of release: 04/13/98

SAN MARCOS, TEXAS — Southwest Texas State University administrators said today they completely reject the contents of an electronic hate message sent to users of the school’s computer network by an off-campus source.

The message was sent early Monday morning from an off-campus internet address “racial.separation.” The message listed an Austin phone number for more information, and the source of the message has no affiliation with SWT.

“We completely reject the contents of this electronic message,” said James Studer, vice president of student affairs at SWT. “It is unfortunate that a group such as this would use our computer resources to try to spread ignorance and hate.”

The message revolved around a recent incident at SWT in which three male students were arrested and charged with the sexual assault of two female students. Studer said he had confidence that the case would be dealt with fairly by the legal system.

“This case is being handled by the criminal justice system and through our internal student justice system. I have full faith and confidence that the right decisions are being made without regard to race. This case is not about race, it’s about allegations of sexual assault. Our community should not be led into conflict by outside forces spreading messages of hate,” said Studer.

Studer said the university has done much to promote a spirit of community on campus among all racial and ethnic groups.

“I believe ours is a community built upon inclusion, not division,” he said.